1566 A.D. Prologue (FREE PDF)


28 pages | Full colour

Created and written by Ben Slabak
Illustrated by Jake Bilbao
Coloured by Marc Sintes
Lettered by HdE

“The battle that saved the civilisation.” – Cardinal Richelieu, 17th century

Learn why the infamous French Cardinal made such a bold statement when referring to the historical battle that took place in Szigetvár, Hungary on September 7, 1566. Led by Nikola Zrinski, no more than two and a half thousand soldiers, mainly Croatian, bravely defended the small fortified town against some 100,000 Ottoman troops. This special limited edition Prologue offers a sneak preview of the full graphic novel that will offer a detailed account of the events leading up to, during, and following the siege. Based on an eyewitness account recorded in the 16th century, this story is not to be missed!

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