Batrisha – The Strange Exchange Student VERY SHORT SUPPLY


Batrisha is an 11 year old vampire exchange student with a blue, two-tailed cat, dark secrets and a bad temper.

When the Payne family go to the airport to see off their much-loved daughter, they expect to get a fair swap in return as part of the international student exchange program. Instead they get Batrisha Belfry.

What secrets does this odd little girl from Bloodisvostok keep hidden in her coffin-shaped bag, musty old trunk and dark, web-draped room? Only the Paynes’s son Damien suspects something sinister going on and is determined to find out the truth!

A 24 page, colour, coffin-shaped graphic novel for all ages. A 20 year old collectable still available in new condition but in short supply

Ships From: Australia

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