CONTACTLESS is a collaborative project between ‘Sequential Art Storyteller’ (comic book maker) Dillon Naylor and songwriter/performer Skyscraper Stan, completed during 2020 that resulted in 23 pages of A3 comic art written by Dillon and Stan, illustrated by Dillon and with a soundtrack score provided by Stan. It was commisioned as part of the ‘Mutual Realities’ show, 13 Feb – 18 April, 2021 showing at The Art Gallery Of Ballarat. This comic collects that work, limited edition, signed and numbered. 24 pages.

A worst case scenario where Covid-19 hard lockdown has extended for three years and resulted in people, cut-off and going mad. Set entirely in a dark, cramped room. a rodent-like man goes about his bizzare rountine as he scurries between narrow box walls full of hoarded goods, stacked to the ceiling while watched by his only friend, a house fly. A fairly short, ‘silent’ comic, full of sub-text and dark humour so you are encouraged to read a few times and study.

In designing the comic, many dozens of preliminary sketches were done to design the character’s look, body language, page design, etc. For a short time. each copy comes with one piece of that production art. That’s right, an original pencil drawing, most A4 size, making each purchase unique. Obviously, this is madness and you should act fast.

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