Cyclone Redux #8: The Adventures of Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo (Noir Edition)


28 pages + cover | B&W | 1st Printing

Gary Chaloner, Dillon Naylor (A)
Gary Chaloner (W)
Gary Chaloner (C)

Representing the early adventures of Flash Damingo and The Jackaroo from the pages of Cyclone Comics.


Into The Hands Of OGRE! (Again)
Story & pencils: Gary Chaloner
Inks: Dillon Naylor
Various pages published in a previous form in Alarum #1 (Alarum Publishing, June 1992)
Cyclone Comics Quarterly #1 (Cyclone Comics, Dec. 1992)
Cyclone Comics Quarterly #2 (Cyclone Comics, June 1993)
Flash Damingo #1 (tabloid)(Cyclone Comics, Aug. 1993)

Australian Maid vs. Generation X
Story & art: Gary Chaloner
First published in OzCon ’92 Programme (Feb, 1992)

Cover art by Gary Chaloner.