Cyclone Redux #8: The Adventures of Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo (PDF Edition)


28 pages + cover | B&W | 1st Printing

Gary Chaloner, Dillon Naylor (A)
Gary Chaloner (W)
Gary Chaloner & Graeme Jackson (C)

Representing the early adventures of Flash Damingo and The Jackaroo from the pages of Cyclone Comics.


Into The Hands Of OGRE! (Again)
Story & pencils: Gary Chaloner
Inks: Dillon Naylor
Various pages published in a previous form in Alarum #1 (Alarum Publishing, June 1992)
Cyclone Comics Quarterly #1 (Cyclone Comics, Dec. 1992)
Cyclone Comics Quarterly #2 (Cyclone Comics, June 1993)
Flash Damingo #1 (tabloid)(Cyclone Comics, Aug. 1993)

Australian Maid vs. Generation X
Story & art: Gary Chaloner
First published in OzCon ’92 Programme (Feb, 1992)

Cover art by Gary Chaloner. Cover colours by Graeme Jackson.