Da ‘n’ Dill #8


Twenty years later… the very next issue of Da ‘n’ Dill, the classic cult comic you once found in a showbag… or in K-Zone magazine in the 00s… or The Sydney Sun Herald comics section… or in a dusty, secondhand bookshop, under a stack of Ritchie Rich comics.

Featuring a BRAND NEW lead story and art by Dillon Naylor, Leaf It To Us (in the style of how the comic looked in 1996 – the era that historians agree on as being when it looked its best)

and two additional stories never before collected.

Puttin’ Your Foot In It  Ian is sick of local dog owners not cleaning up after them and starts to scoop it up and send it back to the owners. (Not only was this delightful story about sending poop through the mail approved but was printed in a kid’s activity booklet that came free with Women’s Day, 2001)

Voodoo You Think You Are Kidding?  When Ian is beset by mysterious chest pain, swatches of clothing missing and hair loss, he suspects mail order black magic is being used against him. Originally appeared in K-Zone magazine, 2001)

AND the very first Sunday newspaper strip.

32 pages, colour.

Ships From: Australia

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