Deadman’s Land Exclusive Graphic Novel

$34.99 $20.00

Adapted by Steve Stern of Storyboard Graphic Novels, and with striking artwork by Tyler Sowles, the full-colour 120 page A5 exclusive graphic novel has a brand new cover and is loaded with additional images from some of the worlds most talented artists. This exclusive edition is being published by Australia’s most successful collectible business COMICS2MOVIES and is limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

So whats the story about?
A squad of battle-hardened US paratroopers find themselves deep in battle against a pack of genetically-altered Nazi Werewolves, whilst the outcome of the Second World War hanging in the balance.

Will these US paratroopers save the day or will the Nazi’s finally secure the the edge they need to win this drawn out war?

This is a fast paced action filled graphic novel and a must read for any horror or werewolf fan.

Ships From: Australia

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