Greener Pastures #7


“Who’s Afraid of Self-Annihilation?”

Trevor and Colin have a jolly good time at the Captain Cook Hotel, where, after a few glasses of whiskey, they get up to all those wacky things that you’d expect drunk buddies to: armed hold-up; kidnapping; assault and battery; bondage; ceremonial burial; and bad plumbing. Things go awry when Trevor accidentally kills God, and Caesar has a stress attack. All this and the last word on Death, in a story you will never forget.

Includes a Verity Aloha/Greener Pastures cross-over pin-up by Michal (Wolverine: Doombringer) Dutkiewicz.

Greener Pastures was consistently nominated in nearly all relevant categories for the OzCon Awards between 1994 and 1997.

40 pages. B/W interiors. 4 colour covers.
Note: Original cover price from 1997 is no longer applicable.
Note: Many copies are far from mint condition as the only copies now available to the publisher are returned stock from newsagent distribution.

Ships From: Australia

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