Job Dun, Fat Assassin 2018 Fanny Edition!


It’s here, the biggest, grossest and best Issue of Job Dun, Fat Assassin is finally here! That’s right, the 2018 Fanny Edition is freshly splatted and ready to be used as a sexy, overlarge wet-wipe that every body can use over and over and over and over again! Get that Dun stank on you and you’ll never be bothered by people again. Bliss!

In this issue, Dunny teams up with a jizzy-jam community of jaw-jaw assassins to fight sex-mechs gone rogue, gets food crazy in the reality TV show The Hangry Games and tangles with a large rodent-based, kid friendly entertainment conglomerate! Oh, Dunny is going to be in the movies!!

And, precisely because no one demanded it! Introducing the newest, moistest and fondlest (it’s a word, shut it), mad-man of the Dunny-verse: Brendon Dann, the Ocelot Wrecker! Armed with his trusty moistened dongs and his quiet sidekick, Gary The Stormtrooper, this truly dynamic duo joins Job Dun to dispense rough justice upon their excitable customer-base! It’s just a toy, twits!

All this plus a special Job Dun exercise and eating plan and pull out poster. But once you see, would you want to?

It’s 48 pages, full colour and magazine sized so you can really hold on. Satire! Sci-Fi! Dark Humour! Demographics! Hashtags!

Written by oh so edgy Mark Hobby, with art by the likes of Adam Kindred, Tom Bonin, DanWatts, Ben Michael Byrne, Jeremy Hansen, Darren Stephens, Kirsty Swan, Matt James, and featuring the lettering exploits of Bolt-01! So Excite!