Job Dun, Fat Assassin: Body Shitta (1 of 3)


Full Colour
24 pages

Words by Mark Hobby
Pictures by Ben Michael Byrne
Colours by Noelle Criminova
Letters by Bolt-01

Job Dun, fat-ass killer with a taste for chem-cola, lives large in the fet-noir streets of Ink-Blot City, where nine million people augment their bent through brain-fitted spray-makers creating the world they want to see. Hired to snatch some cult-cronk creeper, Dun figures it’ll be an easy $20k (plus perks). After all, battling murder-bots and scrapper-nuns runs pretty reg, but when the guy he’s grabbed goggle-bloks his spray with a messiah-freak slant, things bloom curvy. And when those curves take the shape of a FemDomme Fatale pulling the strings, things are anything but easy.

Ships From: Australia

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