Legion 2 + Reverie BUNDLE


Get three books in one easy package to celebrate the release of LEGION 2, which includes PLAYGROUND written by Haydn Spurrell and drawn by John Lawry.

Chimera #1 – A young woman whose dreams foretell the future becomes the target of two mysterious men with small armies at their disposal. When they come to disrupt the reclusive life she’s built for herself, she’s forced into the centre of a turf war that will determine the future of her small, mysterious hometown.

Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West #1 – The pulp western adventures of old are back with this first issue, in which the infamous Ric McClune must track down the wife and daughter of an old friend who have gone missing. But, as always, not everything is as it seems, and Ric has been pulled into something nefarious, something he’s usually so prepared for…

Legion 2 – A series of short stories showing glimpses into worlds of myth and imagination. PLAYGROUND is a non-linear sci-fi mystery. A child is on the run from a team of soldiers through desolate city ruins – but why is she being hunted, and who is hunting her?

Ships From: Australia

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