Preyground # 1


A young man named Ash is flung forward in time to a terrifying future populated by warring clans of human-animal hybrids called ‘bestians’. Here, mankind is virtually extinct, and the only other human left alive is trying to kill him.

Aided by a bestian woman named Scythea, who has agendas of her own, Ash must carve himself a niche in this savage new world before its mutated denizens end him!

In this first issue, Ash arrives in the future, but his orientation is cut short by an angry seal bestian bull. He flees inland to a hilltop known as Sulliman’s Stand, where he confronts an even greater danger: a diseased lion bestian, suffering from Relapse, who believes Ash’s blood may cure him!

Featuring a centrespread pinup that you can remove and put up on the wall without losing any story pages!

Ships From: Australia

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