Preyground # 2


A young man named Ash is flung forward in time to a terrifying future populated by warring clans of human-animal hybrids called ‘bestians’. Here, mankind is virtually extinct, and the only other human left alive is trying to kill him.

Aided by a bestian woman named Scythea, who has agendas of her own, Ash must carve himself a niche in this savage new world before its mutated denizens end him!

In the second issue, Scythea binds Ash’s wounds and escorts him — despite intervention from her more savage Pridemates — to Barshasa Rock, home of the Barshasa lion bestian Pride. There he learns more about his predicament, and clashes with the Sphinx Rrliss over the ‘magical’ nature of humans.

Featuring a centrespread pinup that you can remove and put up on the wall without losing any story pages!

Ships From: Australia

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