Pri and the Spectacular Shrinky Day


Pri and the Spectacular Shrinky Day is a comic created at One Day Studios by our students.

Pri is a high school student who finds herself in a bit of a wacky situation when her classmates are shrunk down to be tiny while she stays full size because of a magical item her grandma gave her! She has to figure out how to get her classmates back to full size or they’ll be itty bitty forever.

This comic was created during COVID-19 by a myriad of students at One Day Studios, which is why the art style changes between pages. The story was developed by the class as a whole before they took on separate pages for themselves.


Our wonderful artists and contributors are Olive Adams, Shae-Maree Arthur, Franke Bourke, Asha McIntyre, Lucy Shanley, headed up by educator Gareth Colliton.