Super Ready Battle Armor Issue 1


Paper Back, 2nd Edition print.
Pages: 32
Size: 170x260mm
Full colour cover
Black and white pages

This paper back comic is the first chapter of Super Ready battle armor.
Written by Bradley Adan and Illustrated by Michael Milham.

A story about a young man who can bring people back from the clutches of the Deathscape, a place that is shrouded in mystery, where humans go when they pass on.
Super Ready industries; the birth place of such inventions as The Automatic Cat Buttering Device™, Acidic Bubble Bath Substitutes™ and many more. Is also the home of Infector a young man in his early twenties with some mysterious abilities.

In the suburbs of the city of Yutopia, gang wars are at an all-time high but yet the gangs seem to be disappearing, a young man named Infector who was born with strange abilities gets thrown into their world with his best friend B.A after a fateful encounter with a certain group of thugs, will he and his friends survive? Probably not…

Ships From: Australia

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