The Dark Nebula: Nightmares & Deceptions


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In this, The Dark Nebula’s second collected volume, Mark Medula discovers his new-found celebrity status has many demands he couldn’t possible have anticipated. Everyone seems to want their own slice of The Dark Nebula… on their own terms and to suit their own agendas. Meanwhile, the inner war with Cerellus continues to wear away at Mark’s very sanity.

While the life of a hero is often defined by their challenges and adversaries, it appears that The Dark Nebula’s career as Australia’s super-sensation may very well be over before it’s barely begun. Or is it?

64 pages + cover | Full Colour | 1st Printing

Tad Pietrzykowski, Shea Anton Pensa (W)
Glenn Lumsden, Shea Anton Pensa (A)
Tad Pietrzykowski (C)