The Dark Nebula: The Chaos War

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In this, The Dark Nebula’s third collected volume, Australia’s super-sensation encounters the living embodiment of Chaos, a force so powerful that The Dark Nebula’s mind is torn asunder to reveal his component psyches of astronaut Mark Medula and alien warlord Cerellus of Caileu! Stripped of his powers and stranded in the past, how can Medula possibly survive and return to the world he knows? What fate awaits Cerellus as he is flung into the far future? And what is Chaos’ true agenda? The answers will astound you in The Chaos War.

48 pages + cover | Full Colour | 1st Printing

Tad Pietrzykowski (W)
Glenn Lumsden, Gary Chaloner (A)
Tad Pietrzykowski (C)