The Game

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Winner takes all…

The devastating war between the Senate and Padakan House is over. Under Frank Tomhines’ new government, power will at last be returned to the citizens of the galaxy. But not everyone is prepared to accept such a system…

Remnants of Padakan House continue to wage war, using the small children of their enemies as shields; someone has put a contract out on Frank Tomhines’ life; and a tenuous political situation, controlled by rampant self-interests, risks not only the lives of hundreds of innocents, but also the delicate new-found stability of the entire galaxy.

It’s all part of the Game… and this game is played hard. The stakes are high, the participants ruthless. Winner takes all.

The Game was shortlisted in the 2014 Aurealis Awards for best graphic novel, and fills in the gaps between The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows.

BONUS: Includes The Long Road Home, a short story exclusive to this edition that takes a closer look at Angus Baxmerian’s history and the violent destiny he is bound to.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2014
Page count: 390

Ships From: Australia

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