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A galaxy at war…

Young Ross Tillman cannot wait to get out of school and pursue his dream of owning his own ship. Struggling against what seems to be his genetic fate, Ross is determined to avoid following his father into a career in local industry. The manufacture and sale of the narcotic tubinj is the economic cornerstone of Messar, but Ross is determined to escape from its pull.

For Stanley Myres, Chancellor of the galactic Senate, the writing appears to be on the wall. His political position is becoming more tenuous by the day, as rival factions in the Senate seem poised to enact a coup de tat. In an attempt to retain control, he utilises his secret paramilitary forces and hatches a violent scheme that casts Messar into a state of civil war.

Overlord of exiled superpower Padakan House, Elam Padakan wants to create a better galaxy, with himself at its head. When the opportunity to liberate Messar from the Senate presents itself, he sees it as a chance to achieve everything he has ever striven for. There’s just one problem: he hasn’t even told his own brother what his true intentions are.

All three men are drawn into the civil war on Messar, and as their paths begin to intersect and tangle together, they come to realise that the galaxy has very different plans for all of their dreams.

The Lesser Evil is a book that examines what it means to have a dream… and what that dream can end up costing, regardless of whether it comes true.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2017
Page count: 353


The epic sequel to The Lesser Evil.

Six years have passed since Padakan House was defeated in the skies above Earth. Their surrender is imminent and, under Frank Tomhines, the victorious Confederacy is about to restore democracy to its oppressed citizenry.

But dissenters from within the Confederacy oppose both the surrender and the leadership of Frank Tomhines… and forces from outside have their own plans to keep the battle raging. Forced to take matters into his own hands, Frank begins to exploit weaknesses in his own democratic system to maintain control of a galaxy spiraling inexorably toward conflict.

After six years of unsuccessful campaigning to outlaw his homeworld’s chief export, Ross Tillman is pulled unwittingly back into the centre of events. When Frank offers Ross a chance to achieve his goals and protect his world, Ross is forced to make a difficult decision between two equally unpalatable moral outcomes. But there’s even more at stake than Ross realises. It soon becomes clear just how much this decision is going to cost him… but only when it’s far too late.

Peaceful Tomorrows is a graphic novel that explores the consequences of compromising one’s core values, and the painful path to redemption.

Peaceful Tomorrows was a finalist in the 2013 Aurealis Awards.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2017
Page count: 616


Winner takes all…

The devastating war between the Senate and Padakan House is over. Under Frank Tomhines’ new government, power will at last be returned to the citizens of the galaxy. But not everyone is prepared to accept such a system…

Remnants of Padakan House continue to wage war, using the small children of their enemies as shields; someone has put a contract out on Frank Tomhines’ life; and a tenuous political situation, controlled by rampant self-interests, risks not only the lives of hundreds of innocents, but also the delicate new-found stability of the entire galaxy.

It’s all part of the Game… and this game is played hard. The stakes are high, the participants ruthless. Winner takes all.

The Game was shortlisted in the 2014 Aurealis Awards for best graphic novel.

BONUS: Includes The Long Road Home, a short story exclusive to this edition that takes a closer look at Angus Baxmerian’s history and the violent destiny he is bound to.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2014
Page count: 390


Sometimes it’s impossible to mend what has been broken…

Each of them is fleeing something different, but they’ve all come to the same place. When their ship is attacked and marooned in deep space, three dozen refugees pass the time by sharing stories. Things that have happened to them, events they’ve witnessed, and rumours they’ve heard.

As time passes and despair sets in, they must rely upon each other to survive. But when the chips are down, will they all be pulling in the same direction?

Featuring stories from twenty-four brilliant writers from around the world, the All The King’s Men anthology takes a look at the lives of those on the periphery, ordinary people struggling to make sense of their lives and dreams in a galaxy torn apart by civil war.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2016
Page count: 710


More than just another zombie story, Undad is about the challenges of being a husband and father while being (literally) dead inside.

A chance encounter with a ragged homeless man leaves Brett Buckley with deep teeth marks in his arm, and a sudden ravenous hunger for living flesh. Unable to control these urges, he consumes the hamster that belongs to his son’s class.

Fearing that losing his family might cost him the last of his dwindling humanity, Brett must win back their love and respect, all the while attempting to find his new place in the world and reconcile his vegetarian morals with his insatiable appetite for live meat…

Undad was a finalist in the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards for best graphic novel.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2015
Page count: 216


More than just another zombie story, this stunning conclusion to the Undad saga is about the challenges of being a good role model while being (literally) dead inside.

Brett Buckley was a normal family man once. When he unexpectedly turned undead, he found himself struggling to regain the love and respect of his wife and kids.

Now, not only is Brett in trouble with the law, but his family, his safety net, is starting to pull away from him. Suddenly alone and destitute, Brett begins to question whether he really can still have a place in his kids’ lives without being a danger to them.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2015
Page count: 236



“I figured we play the music, we change the world. Just like old times…”

Imagine, if you will, a world in which music is outlawed, and musicians are hunted and executed. A world in which the innocents living in the Five Capitals are held hostage by the tyranny of the Silver Empire. The Empire is too powerful – no one dares stand against them, and there’s no passion left anywhere to inspire better things… Until now.

With an all-star cast, including one of the biggest bands in the history of the Empire, James Flamestar and the Stargazers is a miniseries you won’t want to miss.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2014
Page count: 80