The Southern Cross Special Edition: Saboteurs & Secret Agents


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Average bloke Gordon Russell is Australia’s own battlin’ superhero The Southern Cross! Star of radio airwaves of the 1940s, Gordon finds himself facing saboteurs, secret agents and an evil plot to assassinate the Prime Minister!

Told in the ‘golden age’ tradition of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner, this story features all the thrills and excitement of yesteryear, when men were men and ‘nasty’ was spelt N-A-Z-I.

Collected in print for the very first time, this special edition features the original adventures that ran in the classic Australian comics Cyclone! Australia and Dark Nebula.

62 pages + cover | Full Colour | 1st Printing

Glenn Lumsden (W)
Glenn Lumsden, Alex Grancha (A)
Tad Pietrzykowski (C)