The Southern Squadron: Doublecross/Crossover


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“Treachery, my friends, is where it’s at…”

… and The Southern Squadron, Australia’s own team of super troubleshooters, face doublecross and treachery aplenty…!

This second full colour trade edition features more of their greatest missions, including a decades-spanning crossover with the Golden Age Southern Cross!

When all else fails, it’s time to call in The Southern Squadron – the famous musclebound Melbournian The Nightfighter (Adam West), The Dingo (Costas Borgus), The Southern Cross (Bertram Davis) and group leader, the deadly yet sexy Lt. Smith, Hold on to your braincells!

Cover by Paul Gulacy!

64 pages + cover | Full Colour | 1st Printing

Dave de Vries (W)
Dave de Vries, Paul Gulacy, Glenn Lumsden (A)
Tad Pietrzykowski (C)