Trail #2 BD Edition


34 pages | Full colour

Created and written by Ben Slabak
Illustrated by Judit Tondora
Coloured by Marc Sintes
Lettered by HdE

A completely re-formatted and re-edited bande dessinée edition, perfect bound and a great addition to your graphic novel library.

The Trail team, still on a high after their win in the first issue, branch out to follow up on various clues left by Marco Polo back in the 13th century. Clues that relate to an old tradition passed down from generation to generation in Persia that involves the Three Kings and a box they had received from Jesus at his birth.

What did the box that the Three Kings receive contain? Did Marco Polo manage to find it?

Join the Trail team as they follow in Marco Polo’s footsteps in order to unravel the mystery, while unaware that their foes are not as far behind as they had thought.

Ships From: Australia