About Us

Australia is big. Like realllyyy big. There are people around Australia in little pockets here and there; making, sharing and enjoying comics. If you live in a city, you are a lucky one with meet-ups and conventions giving you a chance to meet and buy from these hard working creators. Time permitting of course.

Finding these passionate creators online can be tricky too unless you are already aware of them. This is why OWNAINDI was created. To bring Australian creators and fans together no matter their location. OWNAINDI is an online artist alley where you can sample and discover your soon to be favourite comic.

OWNAINDI isn’t a distributor, when you buy you are purchasing from the creator directly and ensuring creators keep at much profit as possible. If you are a retailer, contact us for a (free) account which enables you to purchase at wholesale (currently in beta mode).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there multiple shipping amounts in my cart?

You are purchasing items directly from creators not from OWNAINDI. If you are buying from more than 1 creator then your items are being mailed out from different locations. You are supporting creators and putting money right into their pockets, they are shipping right from home base.

Do creators ship items internationally?

Yes. Keep in mind the shipping amount may not be final. The creator may contact you to sort out a more accurate shipping cost to your specific country. The website is in a beta mode on this and will be refined so some communication with the creator may occur post-sale.

Can I contact creators directly?

Not currently, you can contact them via private message on their social media accounts. You are welcome to send a message via the contact form and we will pass it on.

How can I sell my zine/comic/graphic novel/collected works/sketchbook on OWNAINDI?

You can apply to be a seller here. Fill in the form and we will be in touch. In signing up creators agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website.

What are your shipping and refund policies?

Our Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Pricing Policies can be found here.