Adventure Illustrated #2 – Greener Pastures variant cover


This is where you get your new Greener Pastures stories!

A mysterious stranger, talkshow TV, and a dire warning have set the scene for Trevor Bovis – a depressed minotaur who works as tax lawyer and lives in human suburbia – to save the world! (But first he has to sit through an uncomfortable bus commute with his estranged friend, Colin McGuinn. Awkward!)

The award winning fan favourite, 90s classic comic Greener Pastures, makes a triumphant return with these new adventures and new storyline.

More about Adventure Illustrated, from the publisher, Cyclone Comics: “Adventure Illustrated is a 36 page comic featuring three ongoing series produced by Gary Chaloner and a few of his mates, all of whom are award-winning Aussie cartooning professionals at the top of their game: Michael Michalandos and Tim McEwen (Greener Pastures), with a little help from and Graeme Jackson. Cyclone Force (featuring Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo, as well as Killeroo in this issue); Greener Pastures; Red Kelso: 1931.”

Note that this is the Greener Pastures variant cover edition of Adventure Illustrated #2. There is also a cover by Gary Chaloner which can be purchased from his Owanidi store.