Adventure Illustrated #1 – Greener Pastures variant cover


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A mysterious stranger, talkshow TV, and a dire warning set the scene for the return of Trevor Bovis: a depressed minotaur who works as tax lawyer and lives in human suburbia, hiding in plain sight. Can Trevor save us from a literal Biblical Armageddon while also dealing with the crushing guilt of disappointing his family and abandoning his animal brethren?

The award winning fan favourite, nineties classic comic Greener Pastures, makes a triumphant return with these new adventures and new storyline.

More about Adventure Illustrated, from the publisher, Cyclone Comics: “Adventure Illustrated #1 is a 36 page comic featuring three ongoing series produced by Gary Chaloner and a few of his mates, all of whom are award-winning Aussie cartooning professionals at the top of their game: Michael Michalandos and Tim McEwen (Greener Pastures), with a little help from Tad Pietrzykowski and Graeme Jackson. Cyclone Force (featuring Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo); Greener Pastures; Red Kelso: 1931.”

Note that this is the Greener Pastures variant cover edition of Adventure Illustrated #1. There are also two covers by Gary Chaloner. These can be purchased from his Owanidi store.
Cover A: Cyclone Force by Gary Chaloner, colours by Graeme Jackson
Cover B: Greener Pastures by Tim McEwen
Cover C: Red Kelso by Gary Chaloner, colours by Chad Fidler