Amazing Tales #7 “The War That Time Forgot”


Amazing Tales #7 contains 1 complete story – “The War That Time Forgot” – a jet fighter pilot in the Ukraine war parachutes through a nuclear cloud and finds himself lost in a strange pre-historic jungle. He rescues a girl from ravaging “orcs” and seeks her help to return to his base. Together they encounter sabre toothed tigers, pterodactyls, volcanoes, rickety rope bridges and ponderous waterfalls. Captured by cave men they discover the ancestors of modern Russian leadership, and take the necessary steps to prevent Putin and his cronies from cementing their evil plans.

Lots of action, adventure, humour and a touch of romance

24 interior pages of glorious black and white line art created traditionally on paper with Indian ink using pens and brushes. Also hand lettered with a dip pen.

Ships From: Australia

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