Behind The Crooked Cross


(MATURE: War themes, medium level violence, horror themes)

“In Behind the Crooked Cross, Candiloro sees the individual as constantly searching for connections to bring him or her a sense of belonging, as much as engendering a sense of self…an expression of faith that in the future the crooked cross can be straightened and, in that, we move forward out of the horror and into ourselves.” – Daniel Elkin,

“With brilliant artwork and an equally brilliant story to match, Behind The Crooked Cross is a book that everybody should read at least once…If you have been looking for a war-themed comic that spares you the over-the-top antics and larger-than-life spandex-clad characters that people come to expect from the likes of Marvel or DC, then look no further.” – Jayden Leggett,

Behind The Crooked Cross is a 55 page comic set in Poland, around the time of World War II. It centers around a Polish artist called Matylda, when the war separates her from her SS officer husband Lukas.

After witnessing a bomb explosion, Matylda’s eyesight is severely damaged, and soon begins to see a distorted version of the horror that surrounds her, as well as a mysterious being that she knows all too well.


A5, black and white, 55 pages.

Ships From: Australia

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