Blood Across Broadway


“The plot of this book treads some familiar ground, but while this ground may be familiar, it is from three different warring nations and is made into a mud-pie that tastes like ambrosia…[it] is creepy, it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s mean, and it’s weird. Quite frankly, it’s a Candiloro comic book” – Daniel Elkin,

“I’m more than pleased to receive a Frank Candiloro book on my review queue, one of those Writer/Artists who never cease to surprise with new works. Blood Across Broadway delivered the expected excellence….it might have taken a while to get there, but Candiloro proves he can deliver a graphic novel to keep the home fires burning.” -Jeff Ritchie,

Blood Across Broadway is a 70 page comic homage to Nosferatu, The Jazz Singer, and the most prominent Broadway musicals.

Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Theatre, the story features an old, crippled vampire known as Morlook, who fosters a tremendous love of jazz, theatre and dancing, much to the disapproval of his overbearing son Cartorius. But with the help of a certain legendary dancer, Morlook learns the art of dancing and showmanship, all the while dreaming of being among the bright lights of Broadway, an unlikely setting for an undead creature of the night.


72 pages, A5, black and white. Hard copy.

Ships From: Australia

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