Da ‘n Dill: Frankie Laine’s Comics and Stories


What is ‘Frankie Laine’s Comics and Stories’ by Dillon Naylor? Who is Frankie Laine? What is Da ‘n’ Dill? Who are Da ‘n’ Dill? Why is Da ‘n’ Dill? Who is Dillon Naylor? Now finally, questions that have dogged readers and comic book historians for decades may or may not be answered in a handsomely-designed 234 page book.

Collecting the entire four issue run, self-published in the 1980s – comics so scarce now, that the mere mention of them makes collectors foam at the mouth like a snail dipped in salt, with all pages remastered from original art. It also includes seldom-seen contributions to early Australian anthology, ‘Fox Comics’ as well as the contents of two criminally-ignored comic books seen briefly in newsagents in the early ’90s.

Features stories and contributions by popular culture veterans Leapin’ Larry L, Dave DeVries, Gary Chaloner, Phil Bentley and Bruce Mutard as well as unpublished material, interviews and historical notes.

Ships From: Australia

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