Dark Nebula 11 Cover B


Picking up where we left off last issue & plunging into a cosmic epic with all the usual suspects, Mark Medula, The Dynamic Nebula, Cerellus of Caileu & the villain of the piece, their arch-nemesis Chaos. Plummeting through space & time our heroes have to tend to unfinished business from their earlier encounter with Chaos clear back to #3 & 4 in a freaky Friday kind of way, discovering a power they didn’t know they always had. Don’t take our word for it. Buy it, read it, enjoy it. But wait, there’s more! The Golden Age Southern Cross returns as you’ve never seen her (?) before in ‘The Southern Croissant’. Also, the soft return of ‘Dark Secrets’ in the form of a double-page spread of images from fans & professionals alike.