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56 pages, 2-colour risograph printed

DON’T PANIC is the follow up to 2014’s STORM CLOUDS by Australian cartoonist Ben Mitchell, taking a change of pace from last year’s hectic murder mystery epic to focus on a character-driven small-town thriller set in the fictional and autobiographical city of Bontown, following would-be assassin Jared Paige. This time the story is accompanied by an original soundtrack of songs written by protagonist Jared’s fictional hardcore band, as their progression as adults and songwriters add more insight to the story.

The year is 2011, several years before Jared Paige is wanted as prime suspect for the Sydney city serial murderer, the Party Killer. The suffocating anxiety endured by Jared has been brought to an all-time high in the wake of the farewell show for his infamous hardcore band, Chances, and the lingering remorse for turning his entire city against Nadia Chino. As the public image he has built for himself feels more and more like that of a stranger, the future-fugitive is ready to snap. The story begins to bridge the gap between Jared Paige, hardcore barista and Jared Paige, anarchist assassin, as the dark secrets behind Bontown’s small community grow deeper and more mysterious.

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