Greener Pastures #1 (second printing)


“Chewing the Cud.”

This first issue tells about a struggling Aussie farmer and his bull. This bull has it all. He doesn’t have to work, he’s groomed and pampered, he has all the grass he needs, and lots of jiggy jiggy with the heifers. That’s why the farmer is so upset when the bull walks thru his front door and announces that he’s bored, his life has no meaning, and he wants to leave the farm.

Includes a pin-up by Sam (Zero Assassin) Young.

Greener Pastures was consistently nominated in nearly all relevant categories for the OzCon Awards between 1994 and 1997.

32 pages. B/W interiors. Colour covers.
Note: Original cover price from 1997 is no longer applicable.
Note: Many copies are far from mint condition as the only copies now available to the publisher are returned stock from newsagent distribution.

Ships From: Australia

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