Greener Pastures Extravaganza #1


The Greener Pastures Extravaganza is a trio of incredible, weird, wild stories.
“Smells Like Hell in the Liftwell”, starring Trevor and Colin;
“Urban Squall”, starring Trevor and Trevzilla, with art by Kazuhiro Matsumura, and;
“I Saw it With my Own Boobeyes”, starring Trevor and Boob-Eyes Guy, with art by Matthew Chapman.

Greener Pastures was consistently nominated in nearly all relevant categories for the OzCon Awards between 1994 and 1997.

32 pages. B/W interiors. Colour covers.
Note: Original cover price from 1997 is no longer applicable.
Note: Many copies are far from mint condition as the only copies now available to the publisher are returned stock from newsagent distribution.