Kids Comics Bundle – INK ISLAND + EIR


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Okay, let’s rumble out a little discounted comics bundle for the kids [and the kids inside us].

Here’s a comic one-two combo I wrote and am extremely proud of. I love how these narratives play out, I love the creative teams that assembled, and I love how adults will enjoy these as much as the kids, and both will take away different things from them. A proud moment was a guy buying EIR off me on Saturday at a con and then on Sunday coming back to tell me he cried at the end.

I’m giving this combo away for a steal because I want these books to find their way into kids hands, and I want people to remember that comics are great gifts to give [literacy of all kinds should be celebrated at all milestones – grow a year older, here’s some reading, remembering the Almighty Chocolate Pooping Rabbit of Easter, here’s some reading, wanna be someone’s Valentine, HERE’S SOME READING!]

So, here are two of my finest that are safe for all ages, and all mindsets. Unlike my other work, which is definitely not safe for all ages, or even most mindsets. Let’s give the blurb and then you can get busy placing your orders!


An all ages fantasy one shot about two children who live in a lighthouse that is there to keep the monsters in the dark away. So one night when the globe breaks, mayhem comes knocking.

A wild romp of adventure and what it means to overcome your fears.

From the art genius of Craig Bruyn, and the mind of Ryan K Lindsay, comes this delightful tale for the whole family about stepping up to the scary monsters that wanna keep you afraid.


An all ages sci fi one shot about Sasha, a young girl who wakes one morning to find a sentient sci fi helmet in her room and it wants to go on an intergalactic adventure with her. So she goes.

But what is she leaving behind? And why was she so eager to run from it?

From the art team of Alfie Gallagher on inks and Triona Farrell on colours, and the mind of Ryan K Lindsay, comes this wild space romp that might also just make you cry.

 Get in now, while stocks last!