Metcop Wonderland – Model Commuters


Question:What is the most rewarding thing about being an Authorised Officer on Melbourne’s public transport system?

a)    The snazzy uniforms
b)    The low-grade hostility emitted by thousands of commuters every day of the year
c)    The interdimensional creature of speed and rage haunting the City Loop
d)    All of the above

Answer D? Well now, you clever thing, this is the book for you.

Model Commuters collects the first four issues of Metcop Wonderland, a Melbourne-grown comic about life, love, and why you’ll be taken by the Greys if you fail to validate your ticket.

Story by Katie Marx
Pencils/inks by Mel Rowsell
Colours by Lauren Hall and Dylan Goss
Cover art by Vivienne McDermott (#3), Pierre Lloga (#4) and Mel Rowsell