(NOTE: Mature. Contains graphic violence).

Nominated for Best Comic in the 2015 Ledger Awards.

Get set to explore your inner warrior with the latest comic from Frank Candiloro, a story about samurai, honour, war, love and vengeance.

It focuses around Tomiko, a samurai mentored by her mother Ginchiyo, who is also head of the Makato clan. When a rogue clan member, Sagi, slays Ginchiyo, a distraught Tomiko decides to leave behind her days as a warrior behind her.

But when Sagi resurfaces, the idea of vengeance is planted in Tomiko’s mind, and must consult the supernatural force known as the Kami before her thirst for revenge overcomes her.

A5, black and white, 100 pages. Hard Copy.

Ships From: Australia

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