We Came To Kill


(NOTE: Mature: contains violence, coarse language).

Scanning the scene in the city tonight, we’re looking for you to get into this rad account of one of the heaviest thrash metal bands ever – Hateful Witch!

Join Emily, writer of Metal Health magazine, as they interview the four members of Hateful Witch – Lucretia (Bass), Melissa (Drums), Kaminari (Guitar) and Iwa (Vocals) as they reminisce about starting as a glam metal band in 1980s L.A., before moving to San Francisco to make a new start in the thrash metal scene there.

See them go through their ups and downs, riots, chaos, mayhem and incidents that almost lead to the break up of the band. But as we all know, metal never dies…

55 pages, black and white, A5. Physical Copy.

Ships From: Australia

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