A Fistful of Pain – Hardcover


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From the award-winning minds of writer Ryan K Lindsay (Eternal, Speed Republic) and acclaimed illustrator Louie Joyce (Past the Last Mountain, Haphaven) comes a stunning original graphic novella about dragons, sibling rivalry, and kung-fu vengeance.

Xin and Sloane spent their childhood fighting over the family pet — Gilgamesh, a four-ton, fire-breathing dragon. The family is torn apart when Sloane turns to a life of crime after stealing Gilgamesh, forever corrupting the creature’s heart. In their stark future, the estranged sisters reunite for a final knock-down-drag-out kung fu battle on an opulent yacht. This is a tale that’s about much more than violence and sororicide. Prepare yourself for an emotional exploration of how nothing can hurt us worse than family.

This graphic novel is an oversized hardcover, with a foil enhanced and die-cut cover. The pages are European format, and there are extra pages of back matter; including pin ups, extra material, script pages, etc.