Batrisha and the Creepy Caretaker (hardcover)


Welcome to Gloomwood Hollow Cemetery.
A dark, forgotten place, visited only once a year by its creepy caretaker, Old Joe.
Now, for the very first time, someone else is there… sitting quietly in the shadows.
A pale, dark-haired little girl with a two-tailed cat, looking for the perfect scary story… but gets more than she hoped for!
Batrisha and the Creepy Caretaker is a new, illustrated storybook for kids of all ages by Dillon Naylor that’s just been published by Comicoz to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Batrisha the Vampire Girl comic strip that ran in K-Zone magazine between 2001-2017.
A dark and amusing ghost story, rich with atmosphere, told in verse with silent movie style title cards and bold, decorative illustrations, lovingly styled after pulp-era magazines and retro comic books. Beautifully printed as a deluxe, large format 82 page hardcover book with dust jacket.
Hand signed by Dillon Naylor.