Amazing Tales #8 Amazing Creepy Tales


Amazing Tales #8 contains 2 complete stories – “Rattling Bones” – Set in 19th century western Queensland, it tells the story of Ben Bold who, on a terrible cold and stormy night finds shelter in a run-down wayside inn. Here he meets another mysterious stranger named Calton, and an eerie innkeeper. To the travellers’ great shock, they discover the innkeeper’s dark secret. Then Calton’s true identity reveals itself leading to a catastrophic and chilling ending.

The second story – “Weredingo!”, is a modern day story that tells of a hunt for a terrifying creature which is preying on tourists in the outback town of Woop Woop.  A kangaroo shooter named Grogan is hired to hunt the critter down, aided by an aboriginal tracker. After a bone chilling final encounter the story continues to a final twist that will leave the reader chuckling.

Lots of action, adventure and humour.

32 interior pages of glorious colour art, including 4 pages of process examples printed at actual original art size.

Ships From: Australia

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