Super Ready Battle Armor Volume 1


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Trade Paper Back, 1st Edition print.
Pages: 120
Size: 170x260mm
Full colour cover
Black and white pages

This trade paper back comic is the collection of issues 1-4 of Super Ready battle armor.
Written by Bradley Adan Cover art by Logan French and Illustrated by Michael Milham.

A story about a young man who can bring people back from the clutches of the Deathscape, a place that is shrouded in mystery, where humans go when they pass on.

Super Ready industries; the birth place of such inventions as The Automatic Cat Buttering Device™, Acidic Bubble Bath Substitutes™ and many more. Is also the home of Infector a young man in his early twenties with some mysterious abilities that he struggles to control.

The setting is in the suburbs of the city of Yutopia, gang wars are at an all-time high but yet the gangs seem to be disappearing, the young man, Infector who was born with strange abilities gets thrown into their world with his best friend B.A after a fateful encounter with a certain group of thugs, will he and his friends survive? Probably not…