Burned Oak issue 1


A burnt-out gladiator and his number one fan must race to uncover the cause of a terrible curse placed upon him – spontaneous human combustion – before it consumes him in a grisly, fiery death!

In issue 1, we meet Calgary Redglove, a forensic consultant for the crown; Oak, a gladiator who may or may not be suicidal, who sells his sword to worthy causes; White Braid, a child protection proponent who is older than she looks; Lisa, an abused, neglected little girl who has somehow escaped her abuser; and Kallow, Oak’s adoptive father, who tortures violent criminals to death for a living. Oak barely survives his first attack of spontaneous human combustion, and he and Calgary must search for clues regarding its origins.

B&W; 52 pages

Ships From: Australia

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