Greener Pastures #4 and a half


“The Age of Aquarius”  

The sun is out, surf’s up on Coogee Beach, and all Trevor the bull wants to do is tan his hide and relax with a couple of issues of “Sergeant Stone and the Screaming G.I.’s”. But wouldn’t you know it – the Executive Council of the Water Board, an aquatic strike force from the deep, is on a mission to create a flood of Biblical proportions and cleanse the world of mankind. The only thing between them and the Apocalypse is a stud bull from Cucumgilliga who can’t even swim. All this and Caesar in a G-String! What else could you want?

Greener Pastures was consistently nominated in nearly all relevant categories for the OzCon Awards between 1994 and 1997.

16 pages. B/W interiors. Colour covers.
Note: Original cover price from 1996 is no longer applicable.
Note: Many copies are far from mint condition as the only copies now available to the publisher are returned stock from newsagent distribution.