Rob Feldman’s Fridge Boy From Space (Comicoz presents…Number One)

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The Epic Sci-Fi Blockbuster that is FRIDGE BOY FROM SPACE is here.

This Edge-Of-Your-Seat, Nailbiting Thriller will have you LITERALLY on the edge of your seat but I hope not LITERALLY biting your fingernails. It’s got it ALL. Action. Suspense. Danger. Death Rays. Planet Obliterations. Unexpected Plot Twists that even the Comic Artist didn’t see coming. And then there’s the Evil Space Warlord.

DON’T get me started on the Evil Space Warlord.

And in Earth’s Darkest Hour. Enter. FRIDGE BOY FROM SPACE.

This 84-page comic, written and illustrated by Sydney-based cartoonist Rob Feldman, is planned as the first in a series of comics published by Comicoz designed and marketed for the overseas market. This is the Australian edition, limited to only 1000 copies, and being made available before the overseas version (which will not be available in Australia). Retailer enquires welcome. Rob says: “Fridge Boy from Space is an affectionate salute to the marvels of Sci-Fi  and Superhero film and comic creations of the Fifties, Sixties, and, even more recently, the Seventies, using the time-honored genres of spoof and parody, in that order (or perhaps in the other order).”


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