From ‘Sunbeams’ to Sunset: The Rise and Fall of the Australian Comic Book (1924-1965)

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This 254-page hardcover volume is designed to sit next to your copy of Panel by Panel (written by John Ryan in 1979). It’s the same size, and covers similar material …and so much more! Brisbane-based author and researcher Graeme Cliffe spent over twenty years researching this material. This book needs to be in every Australian library and will be used as an essential research tool for all future Australian comic historians.

The book is the story of Australia’s original comic book industry and the writers and illustrators who created it. The book traces the local medium from its genesis in the pages of ‘Sunbeams’ (a newspaper colour supplement which featured a cheeky youngster named Ginger Meggs), through to its demise in 1965. Making use of extensive quotes from the comics, and profusely illustrated, From ‘Sunbeams’ to Sunset is the most comprehensive work on Australian comic books ever written.