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NED has been busy. REALLY busy. Taking out Human Farms. Leading a resistance. And after years of operating in the shadows, he has now decided to execute the next phase of his masterplan, declaring WAR against the ZWO in the hopes that his provocation will reveal what forces he is truly up against.

His antics are starting to show, forcing the MINISTER to have to deal with his presences and the rising concerns of a food shortage.

Meanwhile, KRISTY, overcome by a new found sense of liberation, continues to delve deeper into the world of NED. Having snuck into his base of operations, she is convinced that the key to her own self-discovery lies in understanding the man behind the metal mask. NOLAN on the other hand feels abandoned by her, caught up in her crusade and now stuck with KOA in Ned’s resistance, he finds himself questioning where he wants his own journey to lead.

One thing’s for sure though – NED is hell bent on taking the fight to the ZWO and freeing Australian once and for all. The MINISTER has yet to play his card. But is even the man they call NED truly ready to go head to head against the full might of the ZWO?

THE STAKES JUST GOT RAISED! Don’t miss out! Pick up your very own copy now and join Australia’s own avenger on his quest to free Australia.

Written by Max Myint | Illustrated by Zachary Smith-Cameron | 40 Pages | Greyscale and Full Colour | Mature Readers | Released 8 November 2019 |

Ships From: Australia

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