Proofreading Comics: a manual for the indie comic book creator



PROOFREADING COMICS: A MANUAL FOR THE INDIE COMIC BOOK CREATOR (digital version only): a 60-page (incl cover) booklet in PDF format.
This manual is primarily aimed at the local (i.e. Australian) independent comic book creator and self-publisher, and would be of use in other domains, and may also be a useable text in school classrooms.

The manual looks at a range of annoying problems that often creep unawares into our comic book productions, and what we should look for and correct before we go to print.

One of the images included on this web page is a copy of the manual’s contents page, displaying a complete list of chapter titles. The topics listed here will give you an idea of what is presented in the manual. The manual is illustrated wherever possible, and contains samples of real-life textual problems and issues I’ve encountered when proofreading indie-produced comics.

As this is in PDF file format, on receipt of order and payment the PDF is available to download immediately.

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