Tales of the Blue Sage



TALES OF THE BLUE SAGE: a 44-page (plus cover) comedy western and retro SF comic book in full colour.
Set in 1885, a masked gun-slinging hero inadvertently teams up with a reclusive, visionary inventor-scientist and a fearless go-getter girl reporter from Boston, to counter a gang of outlaws – three untamed brothers – running amok through the blue sage hills out west.
Written by myself, story illustrated by Dave Dye, with cover illustrated by Ben Sullivan.

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Please note: Dave is the illustrator of my 32-page (plus cover) comic book, titled CUT DOWN – a black comedy horror-thriller with a touch of the twilight zone.
CUT DOWN is available for sale from Dave’s Ownaindi store, on this website. Head over there to see some page samples and to buy a copy!

Later this year (2021), depending on progress, I plan to release a new comic I’ve written. I’m currently editing it down to a 48-page story, and when this is complete I’ll hand it over to my illustrator and collaborator, Dave Dye.
Can’t say too much about it at the moment, except that it’s a science fiction horror-tragedy melodrama, and involves time travel.