Red Smoke – a (digital) graphic novel


A story about mermaids, pirates, letting go, and finding yourself and your family, told over 87 full-colour comic pages.

The Havenport Treaty decrees that women run the seaside town of Havenport, but the pirates control the open waters. Only men may travel to sea, to stop vengeful mermaids targeting ships carrying women.

The women of Havenport have better things to do with their time than waiting around for the sea to bring their husbands back to them. They have work to do, households to run, and wives and families of their own.

All Hai-Lian wants is to sail out past the headlands and see the world, but her girlfriend, Fern, is counting on her to be responsible.

Is Hai-Lian willing to risk her family to find adventure?

Chen has some decisions to make. They just want to settle down in Havenport and become a healer. But only women may own land within the town boundaries.

Will the Council allow Chen to stay?

Some sailors brag that they have a girl in every port. But not Kai. His life is split between his two great loves: the ocean, and his family in Havenport.

He is coming back to Fern, and when he does, everything will change…