Satellites: a science fiction anthology


The Earth is no longer habitable, and what remains of the human race has launched off into space in search of a new home…

Satellites: a science fiction anthology is a collection of eleven disconnected stories, linked only by a shared premise. Featuring a roster of local and international talent, the writers and artists respond to the demand for unity in the face of tragedy across a range of genres from comedy to horror. Exploring loss and letting go, the importance of our history – the good and the bad – and the need for community … these themes and more become crucial touchpoints for characters, and creators, navigating the path toward an uncertain future.


Cover illustrated and designed by Lauren Tan




The Real You by Tom Leveen & Kira Tucker

Two people unable to say goodbye try to hold onto what little is left as they hurtle through space, after leaving behind a desolated Earth.

Retriever by Brendan Halyday & Haydn Spurrell

A couple finds themselves stranded on an empty planet after their vessel malfunctions. But not everything is as it seems…

Voices in the Dark by Ben Humeniuk

As a flotilla of ships sets its course for a new, habitable planet, Josiah is tasked with interviewing an aging woman living on a former mining ship in order to document the history of the human race.

Wisdom Voids Warranty by Peter Wilson

A couple pays good money for an appliance that’s gone and developed sentience – and, with it, lost the desire to do any work.

Descent by Haydn Spurrell & Ben Sullivan

A couple ventures into the remains of a long-dead civilisation in search of their missing daughter.

Vitam æternam by Ken Best & Liam Merrick

In a future where mortality is no longer of concern, a young doctor discovers the cost, and may find his true calling.

Promise by Rob Lisle & Haydn Spurrell

An astronaut investigates a wreckage on an alien planet in search of a lost loved one.

The Memory of August by Erin Keepers & Grace Stuart

An introspective on the loss of place and memory, and their preservation through the stories we share.

Archaic by Jessica Lewis & Lauren Tan

At the moment of destruction, we’ve discovered how to respond.

The Dying Tree by Bryony May & Haydn Spurrell

In desperate need of resources, the fleeing members of the human race resort to an age-old practice.

Bonus story


Playground by John Lawry & Haydn Spurrell, first appearing in Legion 2.

A mother and her child escape from a facility, only to find themselves trapped inside the playground.